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About the company


Our mission: we render services to both constant and new customers to support of industry and to increase of the time of effective work. To achieve this goal we develop our core values such as: innovations, rapid response, the right quality from the start and until completion of all obligations and additional services. We strive to maintain a business environment that involves integrity, morality and honesty towards our employees, customers, suppliers and creditors.

Production: we set ourselves high requirements to the quality of the products. Only in this way we can claim full import substitution to our customers.

Security: work safety of the employees is a top priority of Contact mechanics. Our program for quality of services covers not only the quality of our work but also the safety of our employees, customers and suppliers.

Currently Contact Mechanics company is the official representative of «TRIBO» company - the first Russian manufacturer of automatic centralized lubrication systems full cycle, its production capacities allow to develop, produce and implement systems of any complexity and configuration.

Taking into account all production capacity we can state with confidence about the effectiveness of the systems and a full comparison with the best world producers. That is why we provide a warranty on the manufactured equipment for a period of one to four years.