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Lubrication systems TRIBO

SPA (scientific production association) "TRIBO" is the first Russian manufacturer of automatic centralized lubrication systems full cycle. Our production capabilities allow us to design, manufacture and implement systems of any complexity and configuration.
The company was established in 2013 in the town of Kalyazin of the Tver region. It was based on the production base, a total area of which is 10. 354 sq. m. The facility’s production area is 850 sq. m. and the office premises have a 310 sq. m.
The main consumers are machinery, automobile manufacturer, mining, metallurgical, woodworking and other companies.
Main types of manufactured lubrication systems and components:
  • Progressive feeder systems
  • Dual line systems
  • Circulating lubrication systems
Our company carries out projects from small lubrication systems to lubrication systems for such giants as the excavator ЭШ 40/85 weight of 3,000 tons.
In our company the true professionals were united.
Considering our manufacturing capabilities we can confidently say that our systems are effective and equal to the best world producers. That is why we can deliver warranty to our equipment from two to four years.